How to use hair removal machine:

Before use, shave the hair off the skin surface to reduce the risk of scratches. Then, you can choose professional shaving foam, shower gel or soap to soften the hair. It is recommended to shave the hair in the same direction. In use, 6-8 hours after shearing, keep the skin dry, do not apply any lotion, and start the lighting operation directly. If you are a newbie, it is recommended to start with a low setting. Use 2-3 times a week, use it more frequently in the first two weeks, and then adjust it to once a week. After shaving, avoid using water and other chemical additives in skin care products within 6 hours. If your skin feels dry, apply moisturizing products to soothe it. Avoid sun exposure within 24 hours and wear sun protection. See instructions for details.

usage frequency

You may ask: "How often should I use it?" The following are recommended usage cycles: Weeks 1-2, use 3 times a week; Weeks 3-5, use 2 times a week; After 5 weeks, use every half Use once a month or so. Please note that the same skin area only needs to be exposed to light 1-2 times, and phototherapy cannot be used on the same area repeatedly.

Which areas can be hair removed?

Our products are suitable for hair on most parts of the body, including but not limited to lips, cheeks, arms, feet, legs, underarms, chest, back and bikini V-zone. If there are other areas that require hair removal, please refer to the instructions or consult customer service.

Is IPL suitable for all skin tones and hair colors?

Not all skin types and hair colors can receive IPL treatment. Generally speaking, IPL and laser hair removal will not work on gray hair or extremely dark skin tones.

Is long-term hair removal possible?

This is a common question. Ulike
It is a medical and aesthetic hair removal technology originating from Korea. The principle used is the same as that of medical and aesthetic hair removal. The IPL pulsed light penetrates the epidermis and acts on the hair follicles, causing the black hair follicles to absorb light energy and convert it into heat energy, causing it to heat up rapidly, causing it to shrink and fall off naturally. Continued use can achieve the same results as in a beauty salon.

Will the APL hair removal device hurt?

APL is the only brand that uses patented sapphire freezing point technology to provide you with painless treatments. You won't feel any pain during use.

Who is not suitable for using APL IPL handheld hair removal machine?

The following situations are not suitable:
- People with known skin problems; - People with skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, eczema;
- People with photosensitive epilepsy or light sensitivity;
- Women who are menstruating, pregnant or breastfeeding;
- People with darker skin or sunburned skin (please refer to the skin color chart for details);
- People with skin lesions, scabs or healing wounds, or skin cancers and hemangiomas;
- People who use artificial cosmetic parts, prosthetics or plastic parts;
- Tattoo site.

Have you ever had skin problems that affected your travel plans?

don’t worry! Using APL products can easily solve your problems. All our products are lightweight and sophisticated in design, easy to carry and do not contain batteries. You can perform hair removal anytime and anywhere, no longer restricted by time and location. Keep your skin smooth while traveling.


How do I check the status of my order?

1. If you are a registered member placing an order, you can check the status of your order by logging into our website and clicking "My Orders".

2. If you have not registered as a member to place an order, please click the link below and enter your order number and email address to check your order details.

3. When your package is shipped, we will send a tracking number to your email. You can use this number to check your package.

If you need to cancel or modify the order you just placed, please note the following.

To cancel or modify an order, you must contact our customer service team within 2 hours of placing the order and detail your requirements in the email. Please note that orders can only be modified or canceled while the order has not yet entered the processing stage. As our processing speed is very fast, if you wish to cancel or modify your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

Shipping and shipping

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Like you, we look forward to receiving your new products as soon as possible. Shipping times will vary slightly depending on various factors, but we work closely with logistics providers to ensure you receive your order as quickly as possible. Please allow 1-3 working days before shipment for our warehouse to process your order. Ground shipping orders are usually delivered within 5-8 working days, and the entire order arrival process takes 7-12 days.

Duties & Taxes

Taxes are an often overlooked expense when shopping. Many people are accustomed to only looking at the price of goods but ignoring possible duties and taxes. However, some companies now provide free shipping and tax services, such as Ulike, so that consumers can shop with confidence without worrying about additional costs. If you are also an online shopping enthusiast, it is recommended to choose a similar service to avoid incurring additional burdens.

Can I change my shipping address?

You can change your shipping address before your order ships. You can contact us at and provide us with the correct shipping address. Our customer service staff will assist you in correcting your address. Once your order has shipped, we cannot modify the shipping address or shipping options. Customer will be responsible for reshipping costs.

My package says it's been delivered, but I haven't received it

Although my package status says delivered, I have not received it. If your package is due to arrive in the next few days, it is recommended that you contact your neighbor or the post office for more details. If you have not received your order within 14 days, please feel free to email our customer service team with your order number and tracking information to assist us in our investigation.

safe purchase

What payment options are available?

Ulike accepts various payment methods, including Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay, Cash on Delivery, 711 and FamilyMart, etc.

pay processing fees

When you pay with a Taiwanese credit card or certain bank cards, you need to pay additional handling fees. These fees are charged by the bank. If you need a refund, these fees are non-refundable.

How do I change my payment method?

If you've placed an order that you haven't paid for yet, but want to switch to a different payment method, don't worry, here are the simple steps:

1. Log in to your account and select "My Orders".

2. Find the unpaid order for which you want to change the payment method.

3. Click "Edit Order" twice and select the payment method you want to change, then continue with the payment.

Which retailers are authorized by you?

We currently only authorize official flagship stores.

return the goods

What is your return policy?

APL offers a 15-day no-questions-asked return policy, but please note that returned products must be in resale condition in their original packaging. If you need to apply for the return process, please contact It is important to note that returns that are not authorized by APL or provided with a return label will be refused. If you receive a defective or damaged product, please be sure to notify us immediately by sending an email to and we will be happy to provide you with a brand new product! However, if you do not notify us that the product is defective or damaged, we will assume that the product is shipped to you without damage or defect. Please be aware that if damaged items are returned without notification, we will not be able to process your return request.

When will I receive my refund?

After your returned goods are delivered to the APL team, APL's accounting team will start processing the refund within five to ten working days. The APL team will send a confirmation email to the email address you entered in your order, detailing the refund amount and how the refund will be processed. Processing will vary depending on the original payment method.

How does the return procedure proceed?

1. Contact us: Please contact us via email and provide your name, order number, photos of the returned or exchanged items, and the reason for the return.
2. Correctly package the returned goods into the original box and wait for our customer service to negotiate the pickup time with you.
3. Receipt Notification: We will notify you when we receive the package and process your return request within 1-3 working days. 4. Refund credited: After checking whether your package meets the return criteria, we will refund your money to the original payment method as soon as possible. The refund will appear in your bank account within 10-15 working days (the refund method depends on the payment method you selected when purchasing).

What is your warranty policy?

APL's instruments undergo rigorous quality and performance testing. Our limited 1-year warranty covers your instrument against defects in materials and workmanship. The limited warranty starts from the date of purchase, lasts for 1 year, and expires thereafter. Please note that this limited warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or misuse, improper maintenance, impact or insertion of foreign objects, vandalism, improper storage, improper or incorrect maintenance or repair, use of hazardous chemicals, fire or water, Abrasives, neglect, use not in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, lost equipment, normal wear and tear, modifications, and excessive use for professional or commercial purposes.

What counts as proof of purchase?

Proof of purchase refers to any document supporting the purchase of a product and corresponding seller information. Examples of proof of purchase include: Sales receipt Order confirmation Email Sales invoice Order details

contact us

How to contact us

Our customer service staff is always available to provide you with instructions so you can get the best assistance. If you need to contact us, the best way is to describe the situation you encountered here and our team will contact you as soon as possible!

Safety reminder

Does IPL technology have any health effects?

The impact of IPL technology on health is a matter of concern to many people. Our instruments are now able to filter out all harmful UV wavelengths, with wavelengths below 1200nm in the IPL spectrum effectively blocked. This is a standard measure taken to protect the surface of the skin from light damage. Therefore, we can be sure that our IPL instrument will not cause any harm to human health, and you can use it with confidence.

Is the APLIPL hair removal device safe? Will it cause skin diseases?

APLIPL hair removal device is safe and will not cause skin diseases. After many clinical trials, we have determined the safety and effectiveness of IPL, so it has now become a widely used hair removal method in clinics and families. As long as you follow the instructions in the manual, our instrument will not cause you any harm. APL promises to filter out all UV rays from the IPL spectrum, including all wavelengths below 1200 nanometers. This meets the industry's standards and is designed to prevent light damage to the skin, meaning you'll never suffer from chronic complications such as skin disease and skin aging.

Who doesn’t apply?

1. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
2. People suffering from skin diseases such as folliculitis, hair follicle atresia, and photosensitivity.
3. People with uneven skin such as scars, tattoos, acne marks, birthmarks, moles, stains, pregnancy marks, etc.
4. The hairline part belongs to the hair and is not recommended for use.
5. It can be used on the bikini area and VIO area, but the io area has more melanin deposits and the skin is more delicate and sensitive, so it is recommended to use a low-grade product. For details about other special physiques and body parts, please see the instructions or contact online customer service.

Can intense pulsed light hair removal remove scars and tattoos?

We do not recommend using IPL on scars or tattoos as this can cause heat and pain in these areas. However, it is acceptable to use IPL to treat the area surrounding the tattoo.

Can IPL be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Although there is currently no evidence that intense pulsed light has a negative impact on pregnancy and breastfeeding, we recommend not using intense pulsed light during these periods to avoid any possibility. If you need it, please seek advice from a professional doctor.